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Shipping is available at Glazed and Confused whether you are visiting locally, or if you would like to send a personalised gift! We will take the utmost care in packaging to ensure your items make it there in one piece! Our famous take-a-away kits are available for shipping, with a return label to be sent back for glazing. A take-a-away kit will need shipment 3 times, once going to the receiver, once back to Glazed and Confused and once again back to the receiver.  Shipping costs are dependent on the weight of the item, and we strive to find the best options in shipping. Please inquire when purchasing if this is an option you require.

Our shipping policy is that we are not responsible for lost or destroyed items in transit. Please opt for insurance and tracking when purchasing shipping for your items. We lovingly wrap each item so that it is perfectly protected, and clearly mark the package as "FRAGILE" for delivery partners! Please do get in touch if a package has not arrived and we will do all that we can to help you! 

Terms and Conditions

Because we are such a small business we do have a no-show/late cancellation  policy regarding bookings. If you have booked and do not cancel within 24 hours of your booking you will be assessed a £20 per person no show fee. 

We do take extreme circumstances into consideration with proof. Sadly we do experience a lot of no shows and in order to keep our business running this policy is in place and enforced. 

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